Basically, all online fax providers (RingCentral, Nextiva, GoFax, FaxPlus, eFax, HelloFax,...)  are using emails to send faxes, so in Print My Fax you must add your email box to receive your faxes on the printer of your choice.

Note: All information, including login and password, are stored locally to the computer it is installed, we never send your data outside the computer, your privacy is essential.

1. The first step is to add your account, click on the button +

2. Enter the email address that receives your online faxes

If you use a shared mailbox with Exchange or Office365, you must enter the shared mailbox.

3. Confirm or select the type of mailbox

By default Print My Fax detects your mail provider, if it fails it will set default IMAP which is working in majority of cases. For AOL user you have to generate an App password in your AOL setting panel.


4. Set the connection options and test it 

If you are using Gmail or Office 365, the server settings are set automatically you have just to click on 'Connect to the account' to open the Authorization page.

If you are using classic email provider you have to enter your mail server address, login, and password, like for any classsic email reader software. If you don't know your mail server you can contact us here.

The options you can set:

- Choose the folder in your mailbox, by default it is your inbox. Note: Print My Fax doesn't search emails in subfolder.

- Set if you want to process unread messages (faxes) or all (unread + read)

- Set the period to search for messages (faxes), from the last 2 days to the last 30 days. If you need more period, we suggest you use Automatic Email Manager.


5. Select where your faxes are printed

You can set two actions when a new fax is coming in your mailbox:


The goal of this application, automatically print the new faxes to the printer of your choice. Easy to use, select the printer, you can set the printer settings or let it as default. 

Sometimes you receive online fax with a cover page (additional page with fax information) and you don't want to print it, just click on 'Cover options' to exclude the cover.

NOTE: If you need to print on more than one printer, we suggest you to use Automatic Email Manager.


Keep your inbox clean (#inboxzero) by moving the email from inbox (or the folder you selected previously) to the new folder, for example you can create new folder 'Processed'. In this case your inbox stays clean of old emails and all processed emails can be found in the folder 'Processed'.

NOTE: This action is not available with account using POP3 connection, use at least IMAP, Gmail, O365, Exchange,...


6. Define rules to process specific messages

If all messages received in your mailbox are faxes, you have nothing to do, just let the option 'Yes all emails are faxes'.

But if your mailbox receives a lot of emails, we suggest you use rules to process only the faxes.


7. Set interval between verification

First you have to specify a name to identify the account, then you can set an interval between each account verification for new faxes.

As you can see it is very easy to add your online fax account in the software Print My Fax, when it is finished the software will start to process your faxes, you can continue to add other fax account or let the software runs on background.